July 2019 in South Africa

Hi, my name is Peter, I am 34 years old and I live near Munich. I would describe myself as an ambitious hobby wildlife photographer. Born and raised in the beautiful nature of northern Bavaria, I developed a strong sense for the fascination of the flora and fauna of our earth at an early age. I took my first photographic steps with my father’s digital camera, a Canon Ixus v2, before I bought my first own camera, a Canon SLR camera, in 2008. I used it to capture everything that came in front of the viewfinder: I was particularly attracted by the still life of old devices, machines or the utensils of the distillery in my grandfather’s sawmill. At that time I had no idea that a family vacation in December 2010 would shape me so much that it became much more than a hobby.

We traveled to Kenya and went on safari in Tsavo East and West National Park and Amboseli National Park. In retrospect, the results were more like snapshots or and served as a nice reminder, but the quality of the images didn’t really satisfy me. Nevertheless, at that time I had no ambitions to familiarize myself more deeply with the subject of nature and animal photography, also because the destinations of my long-distance trips were spread much wider at the time. That changed suddenly in 2016 with my first trip to South Africa. Months beforehand, I was excited about the trip and invested in camera equipment from which I was hoping to get great animal photos with. In the following years I visited South Africa and the Kruger National Park several times, each time with new equipment in my luggage and never without first having carefully examined how the cameras work and the optimal camera settings in order to improve myself. Today I try to capture the experiences during my travels in unique pictures. What fascinates me most are portraits of animals in their natural habitat. In order to get better and better at this, I work on myself almost every day and carry my camera with me almost everywhere where an animal or a bird can come in front of my lens.

If you want to know more about me or my passion, I’d love to hear from you!