Great Coalition

A lot of memories come up whenever I look at images from this sighting. In June 2018 I was lucky enough to spend a couple of hours with a female cheetah called ’supermom‘ in the Crocodile Bridge area (S28 and H4-2). She had recently given birth to five cubs and took very good care of their little ones. Plus she seemed to be an outstanding huntress and four out of the litter of five later made it to adulthood. When the siblings grew bigger and bigger, until they finally reached the shoulder height of their mother, their territory soon got too small. The male cheetah in this picture and his brother were residents in the same area and eventually got expelled when the offspring emerged! One year later we found the band of brothers again, but far up North on the S100, east of Satara. They are easy to identify as one of them has an injury on his hind leg and limbs in a very uniquie way. Apparently it doesn’t affect him too much – or his brother takes care of him. It’s amazing to identify animals in their habitat and to see them moving due to different impacts and influences. That’s what I love about this image – it reminds of this great brother story!

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