Traffic Jam Alert

Imagine holiday season in Kruger, at midday, on the H4-1 between Lower Sabie an Skukuza, and then this – a male leopard in a tree close to the road. I guess you can picture the traffic jam this predator caused. Cars in three lines next to each other, some even not in parallel but criscross… Somethimes it’s just about the right anticipation of the animals behaviour (and luck, of course!). To me, the leopard wasn’t really stalking for prey, so we decided to stay in our spot despite we didn’t have a clear view on the animal. But only a few minutes later he decided to get up and move a little further on the branch – et voilà, this image is the result. It appears to me as he could hear the click of my camera’s release and looks up to see where it came from. Many other cars that had thought he might climb down the tree anytime soon came away empty-handed as they had turned and waited on the other side of the tree… As said, sometimes it’s all about luck! (PS: If you look closely, you can see a fresh wound at his hind leg.)

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